OneCNCXR8 Release 62.62

OneCNC has released a new update for OneCNCXR8 version 62.62

The major changes in this version update are listed here.

1384 True Type Fonts
User reported adding True Type Font to the system and not being able to select it in OneCNC.
Windows 10 now saves fonts to user data so now OneCNC also initialises this.

1363 Profile Function
If users selected an inappropriate tool type in Mill Profile for example selection a spot drill this could cause a crash. Protection was added for users selecting the wrong tool type.

1378 Clean Circle Function
Multiple parts with clean circle was calling tool change between operations. Now corrected.

1366 Profiler Nesting
It was found that not exiting a manual nest could cause an exception. This release corrects it for those users that do not exit the function.

1371 Tool File Lathe
Corrected the tool history that existed in the tool file install

1372 1377 Languages
A new Japanese Language update was added to this release.
A new Chinese translation was added to this release

1380 Lathe finish toolpath Cut to End Setting
Lathe finish cut to end setting was improved to observe the cut to end unchecked setting.

1382 Lathe Turn-Rough with smart boundary
Lathe Turn Rough with Smart Boundary was updated to improve handling of boundary

1379 Lathe Turn-Rough
Lathe Turn Rough was updated to better handle tool path profiles that have undercuts

1367 Print Setup not memorized
The print setup information which can be accessed from 'Setup' button at the left bottom of the Print dialog settings were not memorized.
This update corrects that problem.

1368 Printing Scaled 2D drawing
This is a report about printing a drawing created with 3D to 2D drawing function.
When adding a new drawing with a scale setting that is not 1:1 there was a printing problem.
This update corrects that problem.

You will notice that there are numbers accociated with each listed change these are OneCNC internal numbers.

OneCNCXR8 Release 62.62 is now available on the OneCNC File manager