OneCNC CAD/CAM Profiler

OneCNC CAD/CAM Profiler Expert is a complete standalone design and manufacturing solution. This is the premium version of OneCNC CAD/CAM to Design, engineering components, tool design, modelling for CNC manufacture all in one easy-to-use program. Whatever your starting point from an idea concept, design sketch, customer data, scanned image OneCNC CAD/CAM Profiler Expert will help you make it possible.

OneCNC CAD/CAM has a unique combination of geometry construction and hybrid-modelling tools let you create detailed, accurate 3D models of even the most complex mechanical parts simply and efficiently.

Some Major Benefits of OneCNCXR7 Profiler

  • Imports industry standard file types such as STEP IGES, Parasolid, SAT, VDA-FS, Solidworks (.sldprt), Rhino, DWG and DXF, for easy communication with your customers.
  • Designed for the plate cutting CNC environment with functionality to maximises metal usage, and accuracy required for high quality components.
  • Provides efficient toolpaths entry and exit to minimize the entry and exit of the cutting to eliminate finishing or imperfection from the pierce.
  • Good nesting control providing grain and angular control whilst maintaining nesting efficiency.
  • Supports all combinations of machine and controller ISO NC languages in both inch and metric. NC output can be Absolute or Incremental.
  • OneCNC is far less complex than most systems. Easy Editing and Verification combined with one step nesting makes the system instantly productive.


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Levels of OneCNC Profiler

OneCNC Profiler Expert:Complete 3D Solid and Surface design modelling with nesting tool making version of OneCNC Profiler
OneCNC Profiler Professional:Complete 3D Solid and Surface design modelling with nesting shop floor version of OneCNC Profiler
OneCNC Profiler Express:Complete Wire frame part creation with nesting shop floor version of OneCNC Profiler

OneCNCXR7 Profiler Comparison Chart

Here is a simple list containing many of the features that the various OneCNC Profiler products provide.
Please consult the 'Key Features' (above) to see a more detailed breakdown on many of these.

Features ListExpertPro.Express
Power of 64Bit Application
Power of 32Bit Application
New GUI Themes
Windows Interface with OpenGL graphics
CAD Wireframe Drafting
CAD Dimensioning and Tolerancing
CAD Solid Hybrid Modelling
CAD Surface Modelling
CAD Extrude Solid Modelling
CAD Real Time Model Sectioning
CAD Smart Construction Planes
Dynamic Zoom and Rotate Viewing
CAD Unwrap Cylinder Function
CAD Quick Trace Graphic Images
CAD Import Export Translators
Direct Solidworks and Rhino3D files
CAD Auto 3D to 2D Model Drafting 
Advanced Metal Removal Simulation
Model Compare with Machined Part
Multiple Part Simulation
Totally Integrated CAD with CAM
Wizard driven CAM
Full Kinematic Machine Preview
Tool Path Backplot
User Post GUI customization
Template Memory Machining
Manual Bump Nesting of Parts
Automatic Nesting of Profiler Parts
Standard Feature
* Added Module

OneCNC Profiler CAD

This is a brief overview of the CAD portion of OneCNC Profiler

OneCNC Profiler

This is a brief overview of the CAM portion of OneCNC Profiler

OneCNC Profiler Simulation

This is an example of OneCNCProfiler Simulation