OneCNC is now shipping OneCNCXR7

OneCNC Have pleasure in advising that OneCNCXR7 is now being shipped.

Significant developments in CAD and CAM functionality are included in the latest release of OneCNC CAD-CAM, give users additional speed and quality throughout their design and machining processes.

OneCNC updates in OneCNCXR7 are focusing on the user experience and adding enhancements to allow customers to speed up their design and manufacturing process.

Here is a OneCNCXR7 Video showing the new features of OneCNCXR7.

Examples of these include:

  • New Open Drawing Screen to allow users to work full screen or semi-full screen view.
  • New enhanced methods of documenting drawings with dimensions tolerances and texts.
  • New tool path methods including the ability to custom select pocket entry points.
  • New Drawing Screen displaying Unicode texts and fonts in full WYSIWYG environment
  • New and enhanced toolpath calculation speeds incorporating Active Cut Technology
  • New Feed Control for milling feeds to allow optimisation of feed speeds
  • New Smart Select for CAD database items allowing for easy removal of duplicate entities

For further details please contact your local OneCNC office

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OneCNCXR6 5 Axis Simultaneous Development

OneCNC Development Team have been very active in the development and refinement of the 5 axis simultaneous ability in OneCNC Milling .

One of the key developments has been to optimize the efficiency of the NC code for the machine to enable optimum smoothness of operation of the CNC machine.

This continual development will enable users to get the CNC code needed to turn their machines into real production tools producing high-quality finished parts.

The part manufactured for the test was a customer request for the machining of the top section of a turbine blade they manufacture.

This video was filmed in the OneCNC Research and Development Department during one of the practical machining tests.

This is new functionality recently added to OneCNCXR6 Expert with 5 axis simultaneous module version.

OneCNC designs and develops the tool paths in-house as one cohesive CAD CAM system rather than adding third party modules.

This method of development can often provide users with unique  integral ability and superior ease of use.

For a demonstration of this "5 Axis Simultaneous" machining contact your local OneCNC Sales and Support office.

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OneCNCXR6 is to have a new feature added

OneCNC has added a new feature to OneCNCXR6 Milling systems.

This new feature is a Traditional Pocket function to replace the present Traditional pocket function.

The new Traditional pocket has the ability to have a Step Over amount equal to 95% of the tool diameter and not leave material.

Here is a video showing the new feature.

This new feature is expected to be added to the next update of OneCNCXR6